Allison Bradley — July 22, 2020

My daughter left her apartment in Fort Collins to come home to Upstate NY when COVID struck. No one knew what was going to happen; we thought she'd go back to school to finish the fall semester! When her apartment management company said she had to be out by lease end (5 business days), we panicked! A Good Moving Company answered the phone, was super positive and respectful (and funny!), and she was moved out within 24 hours. I am extremely impressed and would recommend them to everyone!

Allison Bradley  Fort Collins, CO 80524

Michelle Gauthier — July 21, 2020

Bralin Scott and his co-worker ROCK! Incredibly nice, quick and respectful of our belongings. If you need a moving company, you can go wrong with these guys!

Michelle Gauthier  Fort Collins, CO 80524

Katie Weber and Mark Warner — July 2, 2020

Brian and Eddy are AMAZING! Both of them were incredibly FAST and professional! They loaded and unloaded a fully stacked truck and put everything where it needed to go in 2.5 hours (16 years worth of accumulated things)! I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is in need of movers!

Katie Weber and Mark Warner  Fort Collins, CO 80521

Angie Snyder — July 1, 2020

I really appreciate this man and his desire to help and wish that things had gone better time wise to work to fruition but respect a schedule!! Great Company and great family!!

Angie Snyder  Fort Collins, CO 80525

Lisa Phaneuf — June 18, 2020

It was a pleasure to have these honest, hardworking guys help us move. Respectful, professional and quick. Request Leif, Levi and Brian. They are top notch!

Lisa Phaneuf  Fort Collins, CO 80524

Linda Safe and Sound back in Colorado. — June 17, 2020

Not just any moving company. Cipriano and crew truly listen and immediately treated me like family. They realize that moving is stressful and they wanted to assure me that my precious belongings would arrive in a timely fashion. In 2016 I moved from a storage unit in Fort Collins to Albuquerque, NM. By the end of moving day my furniture was placed, boxes stacked and my bed ready to make. I was grateful. Four years later I was diagnosed with cancer and a lymphoma specialist in Fort Collins was recommended and my grown children wanted me to come home. I found A Good Moving Company’s number and called Cipriano. He remembered my last move and seemed genuinely interested in moving me back. Because of COVID I could not move in with my children. They moved my belongings into my son’s basement until I could find a permanent place to live. My children found me an Airbnb close by. Meanwhile I am going through the biggest challenge of my life: chemotherapy. When I did find my new home, Cipriano provided complementary (free of charge) final moving service.

Linda Safe and Sound back in Colorado.  Fort Collins, CO 80521

Beth Smith — June 12, 2020

I called Mr. Duran this morning and explained my situation. I am disabled, had a limited time frame to move, and was desperate. He got two team members over to my apartment within a couple of hours and gave me a discounted rate. The two guys who came over loaded my furniture carefully, drove to my new place and had it unloaded in ah hour. They were extremely nice, polite and asked where I wanted things and did everything to accommodate me. This was by far the best moving experience I have ever had. I would highly recommend this company to anyone that is moving. They saved the day for me and I truly appreciate it. It's great to know that there are still companies like this and owners and workers like this around. Thank you guys so much!!!

Beth Smith  Fort Collins, CO 80525

Laura Garrett — May 23, 2020

I have worked with a good moving company quite a few times. The owner is very accommodating and helpful. The movers are wonderful, friendly, respectful and very efficient. I will work with them in the future and definitely recommend them.

Laura Garrett  Fort Collins, CO 80524

John & Adella — November 19, 2019

Thank you Julian and Jerod for a terrific move. Things couldn't have run smoother. Nothing damaged or lost. Two of the most courteous and professional young men we could of hoped for in our move. Thank you for your patience in what could have been a stressful time for us. We are glad we've used A Good Moving Company for the third time. Thanks again and we wish you well. John and Adella

John & Adella  Fort Collins, CO 80525

Sophie Sawyer — November 13, 2019

We recently had a fantastic moving day with Nate, Richard, and Jake. These three were professional, efficient, courteous, and helpful beyond expectations. Since it was a two-phased move, we will be requesting them to finish out our move. Would recommend the company and these guys to anyone !

Sophie Sawyer  Fort Collins, CO 80521